Water, Power, Telecommunications


At Connect 8, we strive for excellence by embracing change and innovation, utilising our wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple sectors and maintaining a can-do attitude to deliver success on every job.

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    With our varying methods and wealth of experience, we can install water and waste water pipes of all sizes and types. We deliver whole project solutions, from start-up to completion and provide a single point of contact by managing all subcontractors and suppliers. We work with our supply chain to offer innovative engineering and cost saving solutions across any project, within the agreed programme.

    Our range of services include:

    • Service laying slip lining
    • New works and extensions to the network
    • Pipe bursting, insertion and rehabilitation
    • Electrofusion and butt welding
    • Leakage detection and reactive repair
    • Manhole installation and replacement
    • CCTV inspection and GPR
    • Cable location, digital mapping and GPS surveys
    • Drainage



    As the demand on our power networks continue to grow and new renewable technologies evolve, Connect 8 has the capabilities to support your next power sector project. Using our varying methods, we can install every type of underground cable from LV 400V to HV 220kV.

    We are a successful cabling service provider offering the following services:

    • Cabling installation and termination
    • Cable upgrades
    • Electricity network expansions
    • Cable and duct supplying, laying, pulling and jointing
    • Cable pits, manholes, joint bays and chambers
    • Cable location, digital mapping and GPS survey



    We create and deliver innovative end-to-end turnkey solutions for fixed and wireless network providers, nationwide. This encompasses the entire scope of work including design, build, programme management and ongoing operational maintenance and support. Enhanced by a highly skilled team and our market leading approach to mutual gain-share collaborative arrangements, our solutions deliver best value, minimise cost and reduce risk.

    We have extensive expertise with structured cabling systems, transport and access fibre optic networks, hybrid fibre co-axial networks, cellular radio networks and mobile site management. Our core market offerings are:

    • Optical transport and access network design, installation and commissioning
    • Civil and aerial network design and construction
    • Forward assessment planning, route surveys, site access, consenting and design
    • Cable blowing and hauling
    • Fibre optic, co-axial & copper cable splicing and testing
    • Installation and repair of mast, tower and antenna mounting structures
    • Rigging installation services
    • Cable location, digital mapping and GPS surveys

24-hour fault and emergency response service