Our knowledge and expertise of the buried infrastructure industry has allowed us to deliver innovative solutions to complex projects.



A different

Connect 8 was established in March 2015 with the vision of doing things differently and providing a more agile and robust response for our customers.


We started out as a telecommunication construction company and earned a reputation for delivering unprecedented flexibility and speed of construction.

Over the years, our ownership structure has changed but our company values and work ethics have remained strong.

Connect 8 is now owned by Spark and Electra and in May 2018 acquired Sky Communication Ltd to further grow our mobile and wireless communications capabilities.

Connect 8 has become New Zealand’s premier network construction contractor with the vision and capability to become the contractor of choice in the water, power, telco and mobile sectors.


Whenever we work with a local community, we tap into a nationwide network of relationships and expertise, further reducing the cost of installation.

Regional expertise – Local focus means we can deliver exceptional end-to-end service, which benefits all project stakeholders. We take pride in investing in communities particularly where we can make a difference.

We have set up a joint youth employment initiative with Rotorua Work and Income (WINZ). The initiative involves the employment, training and mentoring of unemployed youth (≤ 25 years old) from rural areas in the Bay of Plenty, who are being utilised on current projects in the area.

WINZ and Connect 8 have selected suitable candidates based on several criteria, including:

  • Willingness to learn and travel

  • Achievement in WINZ ‘boot camps’

  • Attendance at Connect */WINZ orientation events

Successful candidates have entered a training apprenticeship, which is being managed by Connect 8’s Field Manager's and HSQE Manager, with support from the Infrastructure Industry.


We're big on

small things

Our culture of proactive planning and pre-empting issues - such as through Safe By Choice - means we look out for the public, our clients and each other.  Small things are significant and matter.


We get the basics right.

We turn up fit for work, participate in daily site toolbox meetings, sign onto the work site hazard/risk identification logbook, ask questions if in doubt, and wear general or task-specific personal protective equipment will performing work on site.


Actions are routinely done to prevent harm.

We keep our work areas clean and tidy; we carry out daily plant and equipment checks; we use safe digging practices; and we protect ourselves from falling when working at height.


Robust processes are in place to ensure compliance.   

This is designed to lower risks – and to ensure we keep learning. Valid work permits are sought wherever applicable, we make technical or procedural changes only with prior authorisation, and our people undertake skilled tasks only if they are trained and competent to do so. All incidents are reported immediately, and all near-misses registered within 24 hours.

By leveraging our existing skills, we deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that customers desire.

Our goal is to improve operational efficiencies, speed to market, and provide a solid foundation for the roll out of future mobile, telecommunication and infrastructure technologies.

Our culture of developing strong working relationships with partners, employees, clients and local landowners will reinforce sustainable commercial arrangements with your organisation. It will also improve safety, reduce risk, help engage with iwi and communities, and smooth the start-up transition phase.